MYM Avis: What you need to know about the social network + Testimonials is a social network, mainly used by models to create a recurring income. On your profile, you can see both public content and locked content, available via subscription.

In order for a fan to continue viewing your locked content, they pay a monthly subscription fee, which you can set and earn you revenue each month. Fans can also request custom content, which the model can accept or decline to create.

💎 Site
⭐ Note 5/5
📅 Date 2018
📙 Languages French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
💰 Designer means of payment Bank transfer, Paypal, cryptocurrency
💰 Means of payment fans Credit card, Paypal, cryptocurrency


🤔 What is a MYM account?

MYM is a platform to sell your photos and videos for a monthly subscription. MYM is the acronym for Me You More. You will find exclusive content from models, chefs, sports coaches, prognosticators, artists, influencers... The site brings creators and fans together for a few euros per month.

💡 How do you get started as a MYM designer?

To start on MYM, you must be at least 18 years old. You will need a valid ID to verify your age.

You can sign up for free now and start earning money !

Although it is not a requirement, it is recommended to have a community on another social network like instagram, snapchat or twitter before you launch your MYM fans account. This will make it easier for you to earn money faster.

You must be 18 years old to become a designer on

💸 Does MYM have a fee?

If you are a visitorIf you want to access the locked content, yes, you will have to pay for it (except for the public content, which is free).

If you are a creator on MYMIt is completely free when you register. However, the site will take a small commission on each subscription. This percentage allows the platform to survive and to pay its employees.

👉 What are the percentages of MYM fans?

For designers, MYM will receive the following commissions:

  • 25% on subscriptions
  • 20% on private photos
  • 10% on tips

The percentages are quite low when compared to similar platforms (which often collect 50% of revenue).

📝 How works

Creators can upload content, whether videos or photos, that they would not share on other social networks. The content is blurred on your profile until members subscribe. Once they subscribe, that content is accessible.

Creators can set their subscription fees at a monthly or annual rate. "Models" can also create custom content upon request from their fans, setting the price as they go. They can also send "bonus" photos to subscribers and fans have the option to pay to unlock these photos.

You have a video explanation of the MYM Fans platform.

🤑 How much money can I make on MYM?

Models on can keep up to 90 % of their earnings. Depending on how the earnings are earned, a different fee is applied. You can earn 75 % on subscriptions, 80 % on private photos and 90 % on tips. These fees are standard on subscription sites as they contribute to the hosting and support needed to run the site.

There is also a bank transaction fee of 7 % that is applied before the payment percentage. Don't worry, if this is confusing, we'll give you an example below.

Suppose you have 10 subscribers who pay you 10€ per month for a total of 100€ per month

  • Price paid by the user : 100 euros + 20% VAT = 120 euros
  • Bank charges : 120 euros * 7% = 8.4 euros
  • Commission calculation: (100 euros - 8.4) * 80% = 73.28 euros

Basically, 1 to 5 % of your fans will subscribe to your account. The more fans you have and are able to convert them into subscribers, the more money you will make. As an influencer, try to continually build your social media presence, fans and subscribers to increase your revenue each month.

If you already have a community on a social network, you can use the earnings simulator on the mym fans website to get an idea of how much the site can earn you.

💵 How are you paid on MYM

MYM offers many payment options for its creators.

👉 To get paid, three conditions must be met:

  • Have a certified account
  • Have added a payment method to your account
  • Have earned at least 50 $ of validated income

👉 To become a certified account, there are a few requirements:

  • Have at least one person registered with you
  • Have posted at least 5 images or videos on your profile
  • Verification of your contact information with MYM
  • Confirmation of your cell phone number by SMS
  • Add your bank account or PayPal account to your profile
  • Download a copy of your passport or ID
  • Upload a selfie verifying who you are

All of these requirements are standard in the industry and verify that you are of legal age and not an impostor. Many of these requirements are met by other steps in the certification process.

The great thing about is that once you are a certified account, you can set the frequency of your payments. As long as you reach the 50 $ earnings threshold, you can get paid:

  • Twice a week
  • Once a week
  • Twice a month
  • Once a month

Getting paid twice a week is a good thing if you have a lot of subscribers or if you get a lot of tips.

To protect you and MYM from fraudulent charges, there is a system of pending and validated winnings. Pending winnings are held for a period of time, depending on the service used. Validated winnings are those that have exceeded the hold period and are available to you.

👉 Gain pending Mym Fans

For subscriptions, the waiting period is 15 days for monthly subscriptions and 60 days for annual subscriptions. Income from tips and private photos are kept for 7 days.

💰 How to make money on MYM

There are many ways to earn money on to create a recurring and lucrative income each month.

👉 Public Photos

Public content is content that is available to every visitor to your profile. It is content you publish to encourage people to subscribe to your profile. Public content doesn't directly make money, but it does serve to give your future subscribers a taste of what's to come.

👉 Private Photos

Your private photos are only available to subscribers that pay you. This is where you can post your risky photos and videos and any other content you want. Rate a team of moderators manually validates all the content that appears on your profile.

Generally, photos are approved or disapproved within 24 hours. Even public photos are blurred during this moderation process.

👉 Custom photos

Once a fan becomes a subscriber, they can request personalized photos from you. You can set the price if you want to satisfy their demand or decline to do so. Once a subscriber accepts the pricing agreement and pays, you have 72 hours to respond to the request.

👉 Bonus photos

Bonus photos are very lucrative. You can send a photo to all subscribers and former subscribers for content you have created. Once received, the subscriber can choose to pay or not for the content. This is a fantastic way to get more revenue from your biggest fans!

👉 Live

Recently, Mym has set up a live system. You can film yourself live for more proximity with your fans. You will need to be a subscriber to join the live stream and donations can be made during the session. A real advantage compared to other platforms.

You can read our article on the best ways to get started on mym fans.

⚙️ More features and benefits of

In addition to all of the above, offers additional features and benefits to help you as a designer.

🔒 Model protection

MYM takes many steps to protect the content you create so that you can maintain your revenue.

For example, the right click is disabled on your photos and users cannot drag and dropThis makes it more difficult to save and share your content. There is a team that is constantly improving the protection of creators.

It has a zero tolerance policy towards users who distribute your content and is quick to ban any user who abuses its system.

As with all digital media, there is no method to completely protect all of your content. For example, a user might take a screenshot of their computer or phone. In that case, MYM's legal team quickly removes content found on other platforms.

The legal team removes all content found on other platforms. Your photos are safe on the site.

📢 Model promotion

The network reaches over three million followers with each post. Unless you choose to unsubscribe, your public content could be selected to be shared with this network to boost your followers.

In addition, you may be selected to appear on the homepage of a member who is not subscribed to you. In order to be shared on social networks and the homepage feed, your content must meet the following editorial policy:

  • HD quality or better
  • Content that meets the standards of the editorial team
  • Non-suggestive content
  • Your face must be visible
  • There is no text or emojis on the content

Again, just follow these guidelines to be selected by the algorithm. The morning you are selected, you will receive an email so you can take advantage of this exposure.

⭐ SuperStar Program

The SuperStar program is a way to earn more by becoming one of the top models on the platform. There are a few requirements to be part of the SuperStar program, listed here:

  • Your account must be certified
  • You must be active on the platform
  • You must have at least 50 active subscribers in the previous month
  • Post at least two photos in your feed each week
  • Have a response rate of at least 90 % to private photo requests within 48 hours

As long as you are active on and have many fans, you should be accepted into the SuperStar program.

Why would you want to be part of the SuperStar program? There are many benefits, including earning more money.

  • An additional 1% commission from your subscribers and private photos
  • SuperStar badge ⭐️ on your profile to let everyone know how awesome you are
  • Increased visibility in the search, as members can filter by SuperStars
  • SuperStar status is awarded on the first of each month and lasts for the duration of the following month.

📝 Sponsorship Program

MYM offers a great referral program for you to recruit new models to the platform. By sharing your special link, you can introduce models to MYM. For every person who signs up through your link, you earn 10 % of the revenue they make. Once a model signs up, you can help them gain more subscribers, but it's not mandatory. This is a great way to further increase your revenue with MYM.

You can become a Mym ambassador by signing up here.

📢 How to advertise my MYM

Bringing new people to your MYM profile and getting them to subscribe is surely the most complicated step.

Here are some tips to advertise your MYM account and push it to as many users as possible:

  • Make collaborations with other personalities
  • Be active on the networks
  • Posting content on NSFW reddit
  • Create a Twitter account with free photos
  • Use adult cam sites if you are a model
  • Talk about it around you
  • Create a tiktok account

You can read this article for more tips on promoting your account.

Here are some tips to improve your mym account conversion:

  • Be regular, ideally you should post one media per day
  • Become a Superstar on the platform (see details above)
  • Create promo codes for every occasion (Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday...)
  • Publish media in public to encourage people to subscribe
  • Get inspired by other platform users

To boost your income, you can also use a MYM agency. We can help you develop your networks and your account. Learn more about our services, contact us.

MYM 2023 Statistics

MYM has become very popular in Europe and the numbers keep growing. The site receives more than 7 million visitors every month, as indicated by Similarweb.

Other important data include:

  • 7 million visitors in July 2023
  • 8.2 million fans on MYM (+3.6M in 2021)
  • 8 million pieces of content published on the platform (+4M in 2021)
  • +400,000 creators (240,000 new ones in 2021)
  • +40 million euros paid to creators in 2021!

Who wins the most on MYM?

We find great personalities on the platform, we can mention :

You can see here a more complete list of best MYM accounts.

MYM designer testimonials

You don't know yet if you want to start on MYM. Wait until you read these testimonials that should convince you:

  • SophieOnly1 explains that she started MYM without showing her body. She doesn't offer nude photos, but still manages to generate a monthly income.
  • LittleAngel84 is one of the most followed models on MYM and counts over 20,000 subscribers. It generates over €100,000 every month through its various social networks.
  • Alex explains why he launched MYM and generates between €500 and €1,000 a month in just 6 months of business.
  • Sweetbodymary did an intervention on Legend and explains the background to his MYM business, revealing that he earns 12k net per month.


❤️ What'is MYM fans?

Mym Fans is a social network that allows creators to submit photos and videos in exchange for a monthly subscription.

❤️ How to get MYM fans for free?

Registering on the site is free. Most creators offer some of their content for free. However, if you want to access the blurred photos and videos, you will have to pay.

❤️ How to promote your MymFans?

We advise you to promote your mym fans on your social networks, if you already have a small active community.

❤️ Do you have to create a company when'you are a MYM creator?

You must declare your income from MYM. When it is a small amount, you can make it through the income tax. From a certain stage, it is advisable to switch to self-employment.


Now you know how Mym Fans works, all you have to do is register on the platform and share your photos. If you are an influencer on another platform (Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, tiktok...) you really shouldn't hesitate to take the plunge. The income generated by this way is gigantic. You can also call on our agency mym.

To give you an idea, an influencer with 50 000 followers on instagram or twitter makes on average between 4 500 € and 22 500 € per month. A MYM application on mobile should arrive soon.

I hope this review of Mym fans will be useful to you, if you have any questions, you can ask them in comments. If you already have a MYM account with subscribers, give feedback to help new users on this network.


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