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There are several solutions you can follow to have a steady income in the long run. While some people hold positions in companies, others give themselves to selling nudes through social networks. This last option is becoming more and more advantageous, sinceit is very lucrative.

However, before you can take full advantage of it, it is up to you to follow some tips and advice to optimize the sale of your nudes. Here is a guide to help you get started in this field!


🍑 Selling your nudes on MYM

Sell your nudes on can be a very lucrative business that can earn you thousands of dollars a month. However, in order to succeed, you need to follow some specific steps.

First and foremost, you must register on Mym to access its services. To do so, it is recommended to create a unique email address. This one must be professional, because it is essential to create an account on this platform.

Once you have obtained the email address, you can finally register on Mym and create a profile. However, you should know that the site does not have an application, which means that you have to connect directly using a browser. Nevertheless, the creation of accounts is free on the platform.

You must be at least 18 years old before using MYM.

After creating the account, choose a nickname and a username. To be quickly identifiable, you can use the same username as your Twitter account.

Then, select a subscription from the three options available to you and write your biography to highlight your personality. Once your account is created and set up, you must wait for its validation. This is usually obtained after 24 hours.

After the validation of your account on Mym, you must enter your bank details and put a cover photo and a profile photo. After this step, you can set up your account and start adding your nudes.

However, before taking full advantage of this service, it is essential to be able to make nudes that appeal to your potential buyers. This is discussed further in the article.

You can read our complete guide to MYM to know everything before taking the plunge.


🍑 How do you make a nude?

Taking a good nude photo of yourself is harder than you think, even if influencers and sex workers give the impression otherwise. Indeed, grabbing your smartphone and pointing it at yourself to take nudes will not give you good results.

To make quality nudes, you need to buy the right equipment.

👉 Using PopSocket

While most smartphones made in the last five years can help you take perfect pictures, taking nudes requires application. In fact, the art of taking nudes relies heavily on experimenting with the most flattering angles of your body.

However, you must first decide if you can hold your phone well enough to turn it without dropping it.

There may be times when you can't do it, perhaps because you have a giant smartphone or you are clumsy or have small hands. In either of these cases, you can use a PopSocket. It allows you to get the best angles while ensuring good stability of your views.

>> Buy a popsocket

👉 Using a selfie stick

Less practical than a PopSocket, you can also get good nudes with a selfie stick. To do this, remember to orient it so that the stick and the arm holding it are not in the field of view. Otherwise, your renderings will not be professional.

>> Buy a selfie stick

👉 Use a tripod

L'use of a tripod can also help you. Indeed, it all depends on the type of nude you are about to take. According to experts, any device that can hold your phone to get an upward angle is ideal.

This position is especially good in that it shows off your buttocks. Any ass can look amazing as long as the camera is positioned lower than the ass pointing slightly up.

>> Buy a tripod

👉 Use a mirror

The classic selfie with a mirror is your best bet for well-framed nudes. They're great for full-frontal shots, butt views and kneeling on the floor. However, to get professional quality nudes, you need mirrors that make your entire body visible, in other words, a large mirror.

Be careful with the use of mirrors. They should not show anything but you. So remove anything that may appear in the background: no matter how valuable they are, they have no place in your nude.

On the other hand, you may feel the need to improve the quality of your photos. In this case, some small retouching with processing software can be done if necessary to improve the lighting and better crop the image.

>> Buy a mirror

🍑 Creating a community on the networks

When you post regularly on your social media, you prove to your fans that you are active and that they have nothing to fear from spending on you. Indeed, as a marketer, you should always be looking to drive your fans to all your content so that they eventually convert into customers.

To achieve this goal, there are social networks that you should use to promote yourself more. In addition to this, there are some tips you can follow to gain followers quickly.

👉 Twitter

Twitter is by far the most lenient platform. You can publish anything there, as long as you respect the following conditions:

  • no nudity in the profile picture
  • no nudity in the profile header
  • mark your Tweets as insensitive.

Take advantage of Twitter's indulgence to post snippets of your best content, as this helps show that you are a passionate seller who regularly produces content on MYM. You should also mention what you do and put your MYM profile link in your bio so your visitor can easily find your other content and profiles.

👉 Reddit

The use of Reddit can be complicated. However, don't neglect it, as it already has a community of buyers willing to pay for content. So don't hesitate to post your uncensored photos there when you can.

👉 Instagram

Instagram is not very lenient towards sex workers. Therefore, you will not be allowed to publish your nudes there. Nevertheless, you can use it to get many more followers.

To ensure your account isn't deleted, don't use "nude" hashtags and don't post anything sexual. If you post nudes, cover your nipples when you take the photos or censor them with an editor.

There are other ways to monetize your audience, you have a list of examples on this article.



Here are the questions that are frequently asked on the subject.

🍑 How much can I make selling nudes?

By developing a community through the creation of free content (nudes) on social networks, you can earn thousands of euros every month. It all depends on your ability to communicate well.

🍑 Should you report to the IRS?

Yes, it is imperative that you contact the tax office in your country to declare the income you generate on

🍑 Is it legal to sell nudes in France?

The sale of nudes is not punished by French law if it does not encourage child pornography or pimping.

🍑 Selling your nudes on video

🍑 Conclusion

The sale of nude represents a very profitable activity that can bring you thousands of euros each month. However, before taking advantage of this source of income, it is best to go to Mym.

This platform gives you the opportunity to publish all your photos without reserve. However, in order to seduce potential buyers, you must show professionalism in your nudes. In addition to this solution, you can also build a community in order to make yourself known in the eyes of several other Internet users.

If you follow these tips, you will surely succeed in optimizing your nude sales to generate enough profits.


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