Selling photos of your feet: Guide - Income - Tips

Just as you sell photos of your artwork or art, it is also possible to sell images of your feet on the internet. Surprising, isn't it? However, it is a common and well known practice.

With the help of platforms such as MYM.fansyou can monetize photos of your feet legally. Discover here the complete guide to effectively sell your foot photos on the internet.


🦶 Selling photos of her feet on

Stars, models or artists can sell their photos on These can be images of your feet, your eyes or your various illustrations and others.

Generally, these are photos that are not visible on any other social network.

👉 What is

Me You More of its full name is a social network widely used by supermodels and other celebrities of the world. By visiting the platform, you will have access to public content, but also private ones that require a paid subscription.

You must be at least 18 years old before using MYM.

As a creator, you can register for free on the platform and start posting content. Your fans on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, can sign up for a subscription before enjoying the posted content.

In return, on each subscription to your account, the platform takes commissions. You can see our full opinion on MYM to learn more.

👉 How to sell photos of your feet on

You can easily sell the photos of your feet on the platform. However, it is very important to have a good audience of followers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. This way, you can make money very quickly.

Once your registration is validated, you can upload and publish the photos of your feet that you do not put on any other social network. For the visitors of the platform, the images will be blurred. As soon as they subscribe to follow your content, the photos become visible.

It is possible for you as a creator to set the subscription fees for your account. Also, some subscribers may request personalized content. If you agree to send it to them, you can also set the price of the service. You may soon be one of the best MYM accounts !

👉 Why sell the picture of her feet on

It is not uncommon to sell photos of feet on the said platform. In fact, many models are already doing it. In fact, there are people who find the foot attractive and are willing to pay more or less money to own images of your beautiful feet.

This is a way for you (creator) to earn fast income. With MYM, you can earn good money without moving, and from anywhere.

This way you can finance your other projects. With MYM, transactions are secure and reliable. For personalized photos, the operation is also completely confidential.


🦶 Building a community

To sell your feet on different platforms such as MYM, it is very important to have a good community of fans. Tik Tok, Instagram or even Twitter are great social networks where you can start and grow your audience.

👉 On instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks on which you can quickly have a big community of fans if you have the right tips. First of all, to build an audience for yourself on Instagram, you need to offer your followers, well adapted and exclusive content.

To do so, you must stand out from the competition by bringing new quality elements to your followers. Do not hesitate to answer efficiently to their different questions about you. You can organize contests and reward your best fans. The #pieds on instagram already has over 700k posts.

👉 On Twitter

Launched in 2006, this social network with over 192 million active users worldwide is also a great way to build a large community. Here, unlike other social networks, you can only post short messages. For quickly engage more fans on TwitterIn order to achieve this, you need to publish high quality, accurate content on your page that is efficiently adapted to your fans.

They can then retweet them and quickly make you popular. Twitter is well suited for contests and quick questions/answers. Organize these often and you will quickly grow your community.

👉 On Tik Tok

The trendy application of the last few years Tik Tok is also one of the best ways to quickly build a community. Launched in 2016, Tik Tok allows you to share videos. Therefore, you can post a lot of quality content on the app. These can be shared by users, allowing you to reach out to other fans of your posts. Those who are interested can then join your other social networks and start following you.

You can read this article on best MYM tips to get you started.



🦶 How much can I make selling photos of my feet?

You can earn good money by selling your feet pictures. You can sell photos of your feet from 5 to 25 USD on However, the key is to have a good and large community of fans. Statistically, 1 to 5% of your followers can follow you on MYM.FANS and bet big to acquire private or personalized photos of your feet. Typically, you earn 90% of the money generated by your posts on The remaining 10% is collected by the platform managers for site maintenance and employee payments.

🦶 Do you have to report to the IRS?

Of course, you will pay taxes with the sale of the pictures of your beautiful feet. In reality, the earnings you get from selling your pictures are perceived as company income. You are a self-employed entrepreneur and your income will be taxed as a self-employed person.

🦶 Is it legal to sell pictures of your feet in France?

Of course, it's legal to sell foot pictures on the internet in France. These pictures are your property and you can sell them. However, you have to make sure that you sell to adults. Also, avoid putting obscene content on them.

🦶 Selling your feet in video

🦶 Conclusion

Selling photos of your feet on the internet is a completely legal business. You just need to have a good community on various social channels to start generating income on sites like The activity has the advantage of making you an online entrepreneur.

You will earn significant amounts of money while working when you want and with the person of your choice. However, you will have to attract more fans with quality and well adapted contents to increase your income.


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