MYM application: Download the app on Android and IOS

The MYM mobile application is rapidly conquering the applications dedicated to influencers and their fans. Offering exclusive, personalized content and ease of use, the application is now available on platforms such asAndroid, IOS, Chrome, Firefox and Google App.

As indicated in this videoThe MYM application is due to be launched in 2024, allowing users to stay within the application rather than using a browser.

How does the MYM Mobile App work?

The MYM mobile app enables influencers to monetize their exclusive content by offering their fans VIP access to private publications and discussions, while maintaining the confidentiality of their data. In addition, the app also offers a range of professional tools such as document sharing, project management and online meetings.

Registration and profile creation

To start using the MYM mobile app, simply download it free of charge from your computer. preferred application storethen create an account by providing your e-mail address and proof of identity for verification. Once you've created your account, you can personalize your profile by indicating your interests, professional skills and adding a profile photo.

Sharing exclusive content

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to share files, photos, videos or articles reserved for your most loyal fans, who will pay a subscription fee to access them. The MYM mobile app lets you easily define the prices and conditions of access to your exclusive content.

The benefits of the MYM Mobile App for influencers

Optimized time and revenue management

Using the MYM app offers a practical solution for maximizing your earnings as an influencer, without sacrificing quality or the relationship with your most engaged fans. You can offer a personalized experience to every fan, while maintaining control over your content, transactions and personal data.

Networking and collaboration

In addition to its role as a monetization tool, the MYM Mobile App is also a professional social networkwhere influencers can exchange, collaborate and find new opportunities for growth. Integrated communication tools facilitate participation in joint projects, the exchange of skills and the co-creation of original content.

Why do fans love the MYM Mobile App?

Privileged access to their idol

Having a VIP subscription with an influencer on the MyM Mobile App enables fans to enjoy a direct, privileged access to their idols, as well as exclusives such as never-before-seen content and virtual encounters.

  • Fans can feel closer to their idol and build a personal, lasting relationship, while getting a never-before-seen glimpse behind the scenes of the influencer's craft.

Diversified, personalized content

The MYM Mobile App offers fans a wide choice of content proposed by influencers: audio files, videos, photos, articles or tutorials. What's more, fans can personalize their experience according to their interests and the themes addressed by the influencer.

Cell phones and tablets: enjoy the MYM Mobile App wherever you are

The application is specially designed to adapt to different supports and platforms, to guarantee an optimized user experience on all popular devices such as cell phones and tablets. Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the MYM Mobile App will meet your requirements smoothly and quickly.

Compatibility with modern web browsers

To enable users to take full advantage of the features offered by the MYM mobile app, each new version is tested and adapted to the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. So you can be sure of maximum quality, whatever your device or operating system.

A comprehensive service accessible to all

The MYM Mobile App makes a point of making its application and services accessible to as many people as possible. The platform is available in several languagesThis facilitates communication between influencers and fans from all over the world. What's more, customer service is responsive, and the tool features a Frequently Asked Questions page to guide new users in their discovery of the app.

Whether it's influencers looking to monetize their talent, or fans looking for a VIP experience with their idol, the MYM Mobile App offers an attractive and comprehensive solution tailored to everyone's needs.

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