Promo Code MYM

Found your favorite influencer on MYM and want to subscribe? Great, but wait! Maybe you can use a MYM promo code to get the bill down.

How to activate a Mym promo code

For the fans

When subscribing, you have to fill in a number of details.

Before entering your credit card codes, you have a "Discount Vouncher" field if your MYM is in English.

As you can see, you will have to enter your MYM promo code in this section, then click on Apply.

If you have a mym fans promo code for 100% (so a free mym) you will still have to enter your bank information and you can not use paypal in this case.

For creators

To get a promo code, you'll have to rely on the content creator. You must go to your MYM account to set up a promo.

MYM allows the creator to make coupons in % (1 to 100%) or in € (1€ to 500€). You choose the name of the coupon code, the maximum number of uses.

This discount can be applied to your monthly subscription, but also to a single photo.

Promo Code MYM

No MYM promo codes available at this time.

If you are a MYM creator, you can contact uswith your promo code to be added to this section.


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